Sunday, November 3, 2013

Freedom by GRPArt

I'm beginning a new series of posts on my husband's works, featuring the oldest works chronologically.  A link to his shop can be found here.  


It is an interesting life, being married to an artist.  Sometimes, I see scenes of our lives together represented as paintings with key details changed, and that is the background story of Freedom.  He modeled this painting on a "selfie" of he and I, taking a picture of ourselves in a mirror.  We had just been married that day, and were in a hotel room (a honeymoon suite present from his mother) admiring the large tub and feeling happy.  Feeling relatively carefree.
What I like most about this painting is how warm the eyes of the man are.  He looks protective, and as if he is ready to be there for the long haul.  I could discuss how the style of this painting reminds me of street art found in major cities;  intrinsically urban.  What I really want to convey, though, is how the warm eyes are enough to carry someone through a lot of cold days and nights.

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